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Corruption has negative affects on citizens and investors from all over the world.  Click to view map of countries whose citizens were affected by the CCB bankruptcy.

Click to read letters litigation and reports documenting corruption in Bulgaria and the European Unions inadequate response





 Contact: Zahari Tomov

Email: zahaari.tomov@gmail.com


Web site: www.bulgarianproject.org





How One Attorney’s Fight Against Corruption in Bulgaria and lack of vigilance by the European Uninon has led him to the US


“Corruption is the biggest obstacle to true European integration of Bulgaria and other countires of the Balkans, and yet the European Union ignores this serious problem and refuses to take substantive action to change the situation.”



I have come to the United States to seek help from the greatest democratic power in the world to end the corruption which continues to exist, depriving the young people of Bulgaria their future. I am asking the US media and public to draw attention to this problem which has affected not only Bulgarian citizens but all US companies and Americans who have invested in Bulgaria. Please contact us for more information.


How does Corruption hurt Citizens and Deter Economic Development ?

Corruption errodes democratic principles

·        The political equality of all citizens is an essential principle of democracy. Corruption undermines people’s trust in the political and economic system, institutions and leaders of a country.

·        Principles of Democracy: Rule of law, freedom of press, respect of human rights, active political processes & enlightened citizens.  Corruption errodes every aspect of Democracy and fabric of society.

Corruption Carries a Great Economic Cost to Society

·        Corruption misuses the wealth of a nation because corrupt politicians invest scarce public resources in projects that will benefit them personally rather than communities. It hinders the development of fair market structures and distorts competition.  SO called “investors” in corrupt government systems usually tend to be those who wish to exploit the country’s resources in collusion with the government rather than entrepreneurs whose aim is to develop their ideas and products fairly and equitably.











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