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DOCUMENTS & LITIGATION On Organized Crime in Bulgaria



Rudersdal EOOD, et.al. v. Harris,et.al., Case Nos. 1:18-cv-11072, 19-cv-017620-GHW-RWL- pending before the United State District Court New York, New York (SDNY)


Corruption has negative affects on citizens and investors from all over the world.  Click to view map of countries whose citizens were affected by the CCB bankruptcy.

Bulgarian Organized Crime

“US Embassy—The strength and immunity from the law of organized crime (OC) groups is arguably the most serious problem in Bulgaria today.”


US State Department Criticizes Bulgaria on Judiciary Reform

“ …officials in all branches of government reportedly engaged in corrupt practices with impunity.Corrupt practices included bribery, conflict of interest, elaborate embezzlement schemes, procurement violations, and influence trading.”


High corruption in Bulgaria is among biggest impediments to this country’s accession to Schengen


The Costs of Corruption Across the EU


Corruption is the New Bulgarian Constitution



Attorney Tomov Reply to EU Comission


Reply to Central Bank of EU to Request to Investigate Fibank


EU Commission Answer to complaint against Fibank  June 6 2014


EU Commission Answer to Complaint against Fibank-May 21 2014


OPEN LETTER to the European Parliament on Bulgarian Corruption


Depression, heart attacks, suicides after CCB Bankruptcy


US Embassy—Bulgarian Banks

Chamber of Commerce Letter on Bulgarian Judicial Reform


Russian Influence on Bulgaria


Combating Bulgarian Corruption


The stranglehold Peevski has on the iudiciary while the Supreme Bar Council turns a blind eye


After Dalliance with ISIS, Bulgartabac losses continue


Cigarettes smuggled from Georgia, Northern Iraq, Bulgaria


Smuggled Bulgartabac Cigarettes—Sieized in Turkey


Judges Elected Only After Peevski Gives His Nod


Supreme Cassation Court President 
Warns of Dark Days of Repressions Looming in Bulgarian Judiciary









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